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Medicare offers lots of different coverage options, so no matter what kind of coverage you are looking for, there is likely something that will work for you. Whether you need a little coverage or a lot, whether you need constant medical care or are in relatively good health, there is a Medicare plan out there that will cover you for many medical expenses. A Medicare Part C 2018 plan is one that many people will be using soon. This plan gives them the kind of coverage they can’t get from a regular Medicare basic plan. For Many Medicare Advantage plans in 2018 will provide great coverage in replacement of original Medicare.

What Is Part C?

You may have heard of the part C plan by its other name- Medicare Advantage. It’s a medical insurance plan that Medicare doesn’t actually sell. Now Medicare is in charge of deciding how much coverage this plan has and what the different types of plans are, but it never sells them to Medicare subscribers. It leaves all that to the private insurance companies whose job it is to sell the plans.
These insurance companies may sell only medical insurance, or they may sell life insurance and other forms of insurance too. They have a lot of freedom when it comes to these plans. They get to set their own prices and they can limit the coverage the plans offer to their own network.

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Networks are made up of hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing home and other medical care faculties that are allied with the individual insurance company. The insurance company has to get each of these facilities or groups of facilities to accept their plans. Once they do, they become part of its network. Now there is no insurance company out there that has a network that covers the entire country. They may have partner is each state, but not every medical facility in the country is part of their network.

This leaves some gaps as to where coverage is made available. You may live in an area where only one or two insurance companies that serve your area actually have networks that include the hospital nearest to you. If you sign up for one of the Advantage plans from an insurance company that doesn’t have a network that includes your nearest hospital or doctor’s office, then you may have to travel quite far to get medical care that will be covered by the plan you are paying for. That’s something to keep in mind as you look for the right plan and right provider.

Different Types of Medicare Part C Plans in 2018

There are several different types of Medicare Part C plans for 2018, and we will cover the major ones here. They don’t offer any distinct coverage really, and are instead differentiated by the way they work with networks and who they are available to.

HMO – (Health Maintenance Organization)

The most common type of coverage plan for Medicare Part C for 2018 is the HMO. That stands for health maintenance organization. This type of plan is very simple. You either get coverage where you are going for care or you don’t. If the hospital/doctor office/clinic that you visit for medical care is part of your insurance company’s network, then you will be covered for the full amount of your coverage that you pay for. If it is not part of their network, then you get no coverage whatsoever.

There is an exception to this simple set of rules. If you have a medical emergency, the ambulance is going to take you to the nearest hospital. Even if that hospital is not on your insurance company’s network, you will still receive some coverage. That’s because you don’t have a choice as to where you could go for treatment.




PPO – (Preferred Provider Organization)

A PPO, or preferred provider organization, is a type of Advantage plan that has a bit more leniency in its coverage. You still will only get the full coverage of your plan if you go to a medical facility that is part of your insurance company’s network. But if you go somewhere else, somewhere that is not part of the company’s network, you still get some coverage. It’s not full coverage, mind you, but this partial coverage can still help alleviate the burden of costly medical bills.

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PFFS plans are a bit more complex. They aren’t as common as the other two, and they can sometimes function completely free of any network. When they first became available, these plans were not tied to any particular doctor or network, and you could get coverage anywhere, but that has changed in recent years. Now many insurance companies do require that this plan work on their network.

Other types of Medicare Advantage plans are only available to people who are considered special needs customers, or they work with your bank account or offer a variation on the plans listed above. These won’t be as common, so if you encounter one of them, you should find out more about how it works before you sign up for it.

Different plans will be available based on the area in which you live. Because of the number of medical facilities there or the presence of insurance companies, you may have more or fewer of these plans to choose from.

Getting the Best Deal

You can save money on Advantage plans if you know where to look. While it may be difficult to sort through the different rates on your own, you don’t have to choose a plan on your own. We can help you find a great deal on Medicare Advantage plans.

Just come to our website and make use of the free quote comparison tools. Our site lets you quickly and easily compare the rates the different insurance companies have to offer. We only give you search results that apply to your area and the insurance companies that serve that area. We make it incredibly easy to find the best rates on a plan for Medicare Part C in 2018. Enrolling through our site is also very easy. If you want the best deal on Advantage plans in your area, just click below to compare plans instantly!

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